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Saturday-Night-Live-logo-630x355This past weekend Saturday Night Live was live again for it’s 40th season with host Chris Pratt and musical guest Ariana Grande. Being that the show is still in a recovery stage most critics are unsure of the shows future, but from what Twitter fans are saying that future looks very bright.

Over recent seasons of SNL amazing cast members such as Kristen Wigg, Andy Samberg and more have left to produce bigger, and maybe better, things in the comedy world. But with this being done SNL creator Lorne Michaels has very big shoes to fill.

Season 39 became the test run when 8 featured players were added to the cast and only 4 carried over to season 40. The risk of doing this was a sketchy one, but in order to make up for the shift Michaels added writer Michael Che and comedian Pete Davidson, and boy did it work.

Che, already a writer for the show, took his seat at the Weekend Update desk and became the shows first black news anchor. Another first for the show was Pete Davidson; the first cast member to be born in the 90’s. Davidson is currently the youngest cast member and while the kids don’t normally last very long, it was obvious he was here to stay.

With the returning players and the new comers, Lorne Michaels has nothing to worry about. SNL fans showed their love like always over social media ensuring season 40 will be a good one.

You can catch SNL every Saturday night on NBC at 10:30.


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