Have you been to the library yet?

books-cuteHave you? The library was newly painted and redecorated over the summer. Most of the desktop computers were replaced in favor of new Google Chromebooks, which only use Google docs instead of Microsoft Word. Students can take the Chromebooks and relax in the new area of comfy couches.

Nearby are the college and the curriculum corners. In the college corner, students can check out books on how to college or how to choose a major. SAT and ACT prep books are also available, which I’m sure I myself will need. In the curriculum corner are books about what students are currently studying in class right now.

Some shelves and books have been taken out to make room for all these new additions, but the library still has a wide selection of fiction and nonfiction books. Including, the biography section and the manga section. The librarians can also borrow books from other MISD schools if a student requests them.

Also added are five printing stations, where printing is now free, and a board game section. Students can go to the library thirty minutes before and after school, and during lunch with a pass from one of their teachers. If students have any problems they should consult the librarians, Ms. Doran and Ms. Weatherly.

Macy Granger

Staff Writer, NMHS Blue Prints

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