iPhone 6: Bigger and better in every way?

Is the iPhone 6 really “better in every way”?

As the new iPhone was released on September 19, its beautiful features caught consumers’ attention. As many began buying the new device they were expecting to get a product wbend-420x279orth the amount of money they were paying. For those who aren’t informed, the iPhone 6 is the most expensive cellular device in the market. Unfortunately, the people who bought the device realized the iPhone 6 is nothing, but beautiful. Without even placing force onto the device, its back bends in your pocket. When placing force onto the devices back, you are at a high chance of full destruction.

Media has found its own way of fixing the device by placing it in the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit to soften the metal and then bend it back to its original state. Nonetheless, Apple has been replacing the damaged iPhones that surfaced.

However, Apple should concentrate on adding quality toward its work, rather than create whatever in order to compete with Android.

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