Scots say ‘No’ to independence

10201886Scotland votes ‘No’ to Scottish independence on Friday, September 19. Around 2 million voters celebrated as they gave a sigh of relief staying in the UK.

The majority of votes were 55% that said “No” to independence and 45% “Yes”. It was really a historic moment and turning point of the Scottish people.

Scottish first minister and leader of the pro-independence Scottish National Party, Alex Salmond, announced his resignation that will take effect in November.

President Obama acknowledged the Scots motivation for independence.

The province of Glasgow had an overall win of “Yes” to independence yet it was not enough to turn around the majority of “No” votes. It’s kind of good for the relationship of the Scottish region and the other regions in the UK, mostly because of Scotland’s past history within the country.

If Scotland did became an independent country it would be really bad in terms of economy. They would have to make their own currency, and it wouldn’t have that much value to it.

The thing that’s very unique about it is the cooperation and unification of the Scottish people. How everyone comes together and cast a vote that changes peoples lives for the following years.

Is this the right thing? Saying “No” for an independent Scotland? What is your opinion on this? Leave a reply on what Scotland could’ve done better.

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