Who’s Afraid of Annabelle?

AnnabelleDid the horror movie “The Conjuring” leave you hanging and desiring more? Did you happen to have paid attention to the possessed doll the couple had in their basement?

During “The Conjuring” the doll appeared several times, but was not part of the main story line. The beginning of the movie introduced Annabelle and she was left as a background story. As I watched the end of “The Conjuring,” Annabelle appeared for the last time, causing suspense. It left me wondering whether Annabelle had anything to do with what was going on or if she had any significant purpose.

Well, if you kept questioning the significance of Annabelle, now there will be a movie detailing the events that took place prior to “The Conjuring”. The film, “Annabelle” will allow you to follow the sequence of the dolls “life” events until it lands in the hands of the family from “The Conjuring”.

If you’re ready for more sleepless nights, the movie will be available to you in your local theaters starting October 3, 2014.

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