NMHS Album Review of the Week: The Hunting Party

hunt2Alternative Press is calling it, “The heaviest album yet.” Nu-Metal band, Linkin Park released their sixth album, The Hunting Party, on June 13, 2014. Although, Amazon has given it 4.5 stars out 5, North Mesquite students think otherwise.

The album contains 12 tracks, including the much debated about, “Keys to the Kingdom,” which has NMHS students tearing their hair out; junior, Amber Hunter is no exception.

When asked about the song, Hunter says, “It didn’t make sense to me.” Hunter adds, “I didn’t get the point of the song. I think it had too much yelling.”

“Keys to the Kingdomisn’t the only problem. Listeners of the band, couldn’t even get through the whole album.

Freshman and Linkin Park aficionada, Alex Shaw says, “ I couldn’t even get through the whole album.” Shaw adds, “ I listened to the first five songs. I think they did change their sound.”

This album was meant to attract people to rock but it might have done the exact opposite. Band guru and NMHS senior, Macy Granger was actually pushed away from the band.

Granger says, “I was never really into Linkin Park, because of all the yelling.” She adds, “This album just reinforces my opinion that Linkin Park is a bad band.”







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