North Mesquite choirs WIn Sweepstakes

photo3North Mesquite recently cleaned up at a UIL choir competition called “Concert and sight reading” where the choirs each have to sing three prepared pieces off of a state list for 3 judges following by a sight reading they’ve never seen before for three sight reading judges. The superior rating is a one, if the judges in both the concert and sight reading give your choir the rating of one, you make a sweepstakes. This means that the choir will receive a glorious UIL trophy. Although Mr.Forkner is pleased with the results that each choir made, he is even more proud that his students are learning how to perform on stage and learning musical skills that enable them to sight-read. UIL helps choirs see what they are able to do; North Mesquite choir students are able to perform on stage at a high level and sight read in front of judges that leaves them pleased. Out of five North Mesquite choirs that participated, including coral, varsity mix, men’s choir, junior varsity choir, and junior varsity women choir, 4 got sweepstakes. Varsity women were very close to receiving sweepstakes, they made an excellent rating on stage, which was a two, and a superior rating on sight reading. They were extremely close to making sweepstake and there is no doubt that north Mesquite’s choirs are filled with tremendously talented students who all deserve recognition.

Esmeralda Reyes

Staff Writer, NMHS Blue Prints

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