Fun in the Sun at Vans Warped Tour 2014—June 15th

warped-20141Summer is right around the corner and with it comes the annual Vans Warp Tour. For rock and metal aficionados Warp Tour is heaven on earth. With over 100 bands playing throughout the day and over 500 people Warp Tour is quite an experience. This year Warped Tour will hit Dallas on June 15 at the Gexa Energy Pavilion. If you plan on going to the festival there are a few safety precautions and tips you should take.  Here’s a list of things that might help you prepare and enjoy the experience.

Before the Show:

It is important to know that the festival will start at 11:00 am and will end at around midnight. It is also important to remember that this festival will happen during the summer. This means that you should be as comfortable as possible. Here are some tips that will help you stay cool and comfortable all throughout the day.

  • Wear comfortable shoes (heels no. sneakers yes.)
  • Try to wear light colored clothing, since dark colors tend to attract heat and sunlight.
  • Take a lot of water; stay hydrated.
  • Take sunscreen. (you don’t want a sunburn)
  • Hats and sunglasses are recommended.
  • Take a homemade snack. (you are going to get hungry)

What to Bring:

Like at any other concert there are some regulations over what one can bring. The following is a list over what you can and CAN NOT bring.

You can bring …

  • Small backpack
  • A disposable camera or a small digital one
  • Fully charged phone
  • A sharpie (to get autographs and write set list times)

What you can’t bring …

  • Chains (ex. Wallet chains)
  • Professional camera
  • Alcohol
  • Recording devices
  • Firearms
  • Weapons
  • Knives
  • Illegal substances
Injured person coming out of a mosh pit.

At this festival, mosh pits are every where so stay safe and be careful. Safety is number one, so if you find yourself in need of medical assistance look for a bright red tent.

The workers at Warped Tour know that it gets hot so they have a few options to keep people cool. They have water slides here and there. They also set up a booth called, “Hydration Station,” where you can get a free refill if you bring your own water bottle.  Warped Tour also has misting stations throughout the festival.

Warped Tour is a ton of fun but it is important to stay safe. Hopefully if you plan on going to Warped Tour you wear a lot of sunscreen and have tons of fun.

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