Are you stressed?


Do you ever feel frustrated and tense?  Do you feel like randomly punching a wall or squeezing something?  Maybe this is a sign that you are stressed.  Being stressed  is completely normal.  There are ways to tell if you’re stressed and there are ways to become less stressed.

1. Breathing deeply could help calm you down, it will help you focus on one thing other than all the things running through your mind.

2.  Listening to music can help mellow your brain out.

3.  Talking to yourself could help you figure things out about yourself, you’ll come into realization with some things.

4.  Read positive and calming quotes, it’ll make your day better.

5.  Get organized, being unorganized is a common cause of stress for most people.

Aliyah Barnes

Staff Writer, NMHS Blue Prints, ♕

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