Class of 2014

Since the beginning of the school year many of you have been in the “I could careless because I’m a senior” mood. Which has happened to each and everyone of us, there is no denying it, stallions. But, you guys should stop and think “These our my last weeks in this school, with these people, and this familiarity I’ve grown accustom to these past four years.” Most of you must be thinking that your going to see your friends again but most likely you won’t, communications will most likely end. So, make sure to enjoy every little second of it, because this is your last six weeks in high school as “kids”.

You will no longer see the familiar faces roaming the hallways or your teachers greeting you by your name as your walking into class. So, before you say “Gah, I just want to Classof2014graduate already!” think about all of that, think of all the memories you’ve made at our lovely school, with your friends, all the laughs, the talks, the crying, everything thats happened in these past four years. Don’t forget that North Mesquite High School has been our second home, our second family. Where most of us have stayed after hours to complete projects or for tournaments. We’ve created memories that will forever stay with us, that we will look back at when our children ask us how we acted in high school.

For those who can’t wait for May 24th, how exciting is it to know that we will all be walking the stage, all of us together one last time. Then we will most likely all part ways and go do bigger and better things. This will be a new adventure in our life, and you’ll love it. For now make sure to enjoy the rest of your high school experience. So, enjoy the last few weeks of high school. Goodbye, stallions.

Jacqueline Muniz

Staff Writer, NMHS Blue Prints

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