Heart Attack Grill

MENUEver heard of a place called The Heart Attack Grill? Sound appetizing? Would YOU EAT THERE? It is located in Nevada, Los Angeles and it’s goal is to fill you up with an excessive amount of calories and carbs and potentially give you a heart attack. The above is a brief look at the menu. Here is an extended one from Wikipedia:

The Heart Attack Grill menu consists of four burger varieties based on number of half-pound patties: the “Single Bypass Burger,” the “Double Bypass Burger,” the “Triple Bypass Burger,” and the “Quadruple Bypass Burger.” Each of the burgers can be augmented with “unadulterated” (not drained of the grease from cooking) bacon slices in quantities of five slices per patty, thus five slices of bacon on the Single Bypass, ten slices on the Double Bypass, 15 slices on the Triple Bypass, and 20 slices of bacon on the Quadruple Bypass Burger and so-on. All burgers are served, per patty, with a slice of American cheesered onion, sliced tomato, and Heart Attack Grill’s own unique special sauce.

The only available side item is “Flatliner Fries,” fresh French-cut potatoes deep fried in pure lard. Heart Attack Grill also offers “Butter-fat Shakes” in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors. This high calorie shake is so named because it is made from butter fat cream. Various packaged candies are also available as dessert items, most notably the controversial candy cigarette.

Plan to go anytime soon? Hope not, the food has caused actual heart attacks inside the restaurant! In one incident the man having a heart attack was thought of as a prank and the employees and staff all laughed and pointed, taking pictures and videos, when actually, the incident was quite real and the man died from an actual heart attack. It was reported on NBC news and was not the first or only one.

The saying “You are what you eat” has never had a more terrifying meaning…. You don’t want to be “dead”. BEWARE WHAT YOU EAT AND BEWARE OF THE HEART ATTACK GRILL!

Marlen Tinajero

Staff Writer, NMHS Blue Prints ♕

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