What if something was “sleeping” in your food?

A small grey mouse lies frozen inside the sliced loaf of breadHave you ever wondered about if something was in the food you’re eating that’s not suppose to be there.  Im not talking about chemicals or dye.  Im talking about dead bodies! Well dead animal bodies ofcourse.  What if one day you ordered a salad from a restaurant and when you received it and gone through it, there was a tiny frog in the middle of it blended in with the lettuce.  Or let’s just say you walked into a grocery store and bought a loaf of bread.  When you get home and opened the pack of bread to make a sandwhich, you find a small mouse squished in between the loafs.  Wouldn’t that freak you out?

A mouse in a loaf of breadmouse in loaf of bread

A sealed plastic bag of lettuce containing a small frog in Ashkelonfrog in salad

canfrog in diet coke can


Aliyah Barnes

Staff Writer, NMHS Blue Prints, ♕

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