My Strange Addiction: Flappy Bird

It’s the new app everyone cannot seem to stop playing, the one you hear everywhere “bing…bing…bing bing…” the familiar sound has captivated minds and caused resentful fingers that eventually give in and tap tap tap making the bird flap.


THE OBJECTIVE: To make the bird flap and go through the gap between the tubes without touching them.

The simplicity of the game seems to be the one thing that keeps its slaves–I mean users, entertained and in the zone. It has over 1, 000, 000 downloads and growing, the app even has a fan base… It is rapidly escalating. But is this temporary? Remember FunRun? The developer has created simplicity with this game, it has crawled its way into the top apps.

A reviewer writes, “I think it’s a bit silly just how hard it is, but that adds to the charm and desirable-to-download nature of the app. It keep you coming back because you want to prove to yourself you’re not an idiot incapable of getting a 16bit bird through a set of gapped Marioesque pipes.”

You be the judge! Tell us what you think!

Marlen Tinajero

Staff Writer, NMHS Blue Prints ♕

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