Rude awakening for Dreamers

DACA1The Dream Act was passed in 2017 By Barack Obama to help undocumented young students who attend high school or college and want US Citizenship to either study or join the military force in the United States. This program was recently canceled when Trump took over the office because he believed if it was Obama’s idea, then it must be bad. To this day, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act (DACA) is not officially removed but it is threatened by Trump and Republicans.

I believe in the idea that this program, has helped not only young students all over the US but it has also helped stabilize our economy and industry while it was successfully running. There are various advantages to which DACA has offered; If the citizens of America were truly aware of the benefits of this act, we would have enough power to convince Congress to keep the Dream Act in action. If we chose to keep this program it will benefit our economy, strengthen our military forces and it will help our government focus on real issues.

Young people are the future of this country, the more we have of them, the better our government will run. With this being said, our economy will be working more diligently if we start giving undocumented young students an opportunity for residency. For instance, if we increase the number of legal citizens in the United States and therefore start to tax them, it may start a possibility for a lower tax rate considering the rise in immigrants. Taxes are indeed a necessity to keep a stabilized government and nation, if we give Dreamers the opportunity for residency, we will most likely have more money to fund whatever issue the country has. Additionally, with the increase in population, it will only bring big and small industries benefits due to the fact that more people will invest in food, clothes and other interests the US provides. If one was to evaluate this, we will reflect on the idea that if we bring more consumers to local businesses it is going to be more likely that those certain businesses will grow into something bigger due to the outreach and an increase in money. Not only that, but if there are more legal workers to work in certain areas, it will help our economy because we have numerous workers. Hence, we should consider bettering our economy by giving the Dreamers Act a chance.

Furthermore, if we keep giving residency to those who are applying to be in the military force, the United States will no longer struggle for recruitment and we will have a stronger Army to represent our country. It is said that about 5% of the US military are people who are immigrants, it would be amazing if we could increase that percentage by giving young adults the chance to be a citizen through the Dream Act.

Additionally, argues that non-citizens are more productive and remain more loyal compared to actual US citizens. One can see why this would happen, as citizens don’t value their residency in a country like the United States. It is also said that about 900 serving members are enrolled in DACA, a number higher than expected. Citizens should consider bringing the Dream Act back in action due to the fact that it is believed most Americans are not as enthusiastic to serve the military as non-citizens are. One immigrant could replace the spot of a member who does not want to serve; If we really wanted to grow as a country, we should strengthen and increase the number of members in military forces.

Lastly, our government is giving attention to the wrong issues; If we were to bring DACA, the United States will no longer have to worry about criminal issues immigrants cause because immigration will no longer be an issue since these people who apply, are promising to impact the country in a positive way. It seems as if immigration was the world’s biggest problem when in reality, there are many other issues we need to focus on. Thus, our government focusing on real issues should be another reason to bring the Dreamers Act back in place and successfully running.

DACA brings a lot of benefits to our country, However; there are a lot of people that disagree with this claim. I believe that if those who oppose were to think most immigrants would bring the idea of not having consequences for benefiting off public health healthcare, schools and jobs illegally. I understand this is not what most American citizens might want but if we were to be able to reflect on this subject very closely, we would come to the conclusion that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

In brief, our President, political leaders, and citizens should consider having the DACA act in action for the reasons being that it could help stabilize our economy, strengthening and increase in our military forces and would have a successful government. Not many people believe this is an amazing idea, nevertheless, I do think that there are some people who might agree with my claim that this Act could bring nothing but good news to the United States. Thus, citizens should evaluate these points cautiously to help better our country.


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