Loneliness, Boredom, and Isolation

Loneliness, boredom, and alienation are all serious threats that many people face, especially in their own families. All of these factor into the growth of humans as people, especially in periods of development, like adolescence.

Teenagers, among many other people, are almost constantly faced with a bombardment of loneliness, boredom, and alienation, not only from their peers but from their own families as well. In a time period in which we’re always connected to the internet-whether it be through phones, tablets, computers, etc-when there is nothing actively happening, being alone with your thoughts can trigger a sense of loneliness or boredom. When you let your mind wander because there’s nothing to do, you start to think about some things that you would rather not like to think about. Thinking about these things can lead to feeling lonely. This is especially apparent when you’re bored, and you have nothing to do. When your mind is absent from actively working on a task, you begin to feel lonely due to no interaction with friends, family, etc.

Not only are boredom and loneliness problems, they also seem to be getting relatively worse. Many people that face boredom and loneliness often bounce the problems off of on another, creating a much worse scenario than they were in before. In this repetitive cycle the state of the person who is simultaneously bored and lonely only worsens, as they often do not take any action to avoid the emotions that set in. Although it is true that some boredom and loneliness in inevitable, there are still ways to avoid it.

Alienation plays a major factor in this as well. Whether it be alienation from their peers or from their own family, when people are alienated it means they are excluded from any form of group activity and are on their own. This once again plays into the factors of loneliness and boredom. The trinity of problems creates a perpetual downward spiral, and all three of these are bad habits that bank off of each other in order to create an overall overwhelming feeling of self loathing and deprecation.

Alongside the other side effects this has, the trio can also make people feel depressed, anxious, and many other negative emotions. The combination of all these effects overall makes for a less than desirable outcome. However, you can combat these feelings by just having someone to talk to. By having a connection with someone, you decrease how lonely you feel immensely, and also reduce how severe your alienation is.

If you ever feel the need to talk to someone about your problems, then you should go to a counselor, a close friend, or your parents. 9 times out of 10 it’ll make you feel a lot better than you had before. Even if you don’t believe it will, it might just help more than you’d ever think.


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