The boy that didn’t like school

One day a boy named John was at school and realized he didn’t like school because it was to much work. But his plan for after school was to go to college, because he wanted to be a Veterinarian. Those plans were put on hold because John dropped out of school. John’s mother didn’t know that he dropped out because John got up every morning and got dressed and ready like he was going to school. John’s mother was at work that day and she got a phone call from John’s school, and it was his math teacher asking if John was ok because he was missing a lot in class. His teenage-boy-in-class-erdheemother was confused, and asked what she was talking about. The teacher starting telling her John hasn’t been at school for the past few days. That evening John’s mom left work earlier to go home and see what was going on with John. A few minutes passed by and in comes John, his mom tells him to sit down so they could talk. By then he already knew what it was. As they were talking, John was telling his mother that he has been wanting to be a veterinarian for a while now, but just couldn’t take school. His mom then said don’t quit, because its hard work to achieve the things you want to do in life. John thought about what his mother said, and went back to school, and 2 years later went to college and studied to be a Veterinarian.
















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