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soundcloudrapSoundcloud rap is the scene of hip-hop on Soundcloud, characterized by the mixing of lo-fi music, trap and electronic music with hip-hop music.

Alternative terms for the genre include mumble rap, hip-hop, lo-fi music.

Soundcloud rappers are on the come up, most mainstream artists of today’s music came from Soundcloud. for example rapper Lil Uzi Vert was a fellow Soundcloud rapper. Now he is a Grammy-nominated artist.

Here is the reason why people should give Soundcloud rappers—or any type of Soundcloud artists—more of a chance: It’s because each artist on Soundcloud (a free online music media platform) gives voice to the voiceless; artists who have no music industry connections.  They are underdogs. You can relate to them more than other artists out there. Also, most artists on the platform have a different sound. They’re really creative with their art.

Although most artists from Soundcloud do not like to be called a “Soundcloud rapper,” I think they should embrace where they first began their journey. Soundcloud was the platform that gave them a chance to release their music out into the world. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to pursit their dreams.

A few Soundcloud rappers worth mentioning are:

Lil Peep ( r.i.p )

Lil Pump


Lil Skies

Ski Mask the Slump God

I say Soundcloud rappers are underrated because there’s loads of real talent among them—talent that’s ready to be discovered. and I believe Soundcloud rap is the next wave.

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