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Here in this section of the newspaper, we will give you anonymous advice on some of your problems that perhaps may be too embarrassing to share with your friends. Perhaps it’s that boy you can’t stop thinking about, or maybe you’re not sure if your friends are indirectly trying to tell you something through their actions, perhaps it is a personal problem like excessive perspiration or body odors you think are scaring off others. Maybe you lack self-esteem or confidence and want to improve it. You ask, we help. With a team of 6 experts consisting of all 11th and 12th graders who have been through just about every problem you throw at us… Full of compassion and open-mindedness, we are only here to help not to judge. Ready, set… ASK!



This is totally anonymous…. Give details so that we can help you to the best of our ability. Please do not put your name. Give yourself a cute nickname. Your secret is safe with me.

Marlen Tinajero

Staff Writer, NMHS Blue Prints ♕

One thought on “Ask Shanay-neigh Advice Column

  • January 24, 2014 at 5:04 pm

    Hey there! I am actually going through the same problem! And honestly, I always say “Everything happens for a reason”, even though sometimes in life we go through things our eyes perceive as “TERRIBLE” and “OMG I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE” we have to understand that it is these trials that will make us stronger and toughen our heart and prepare us for the future, because life is like a box of chocolates. Ever heard that metaphor? You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. Some things aren’t what we expected, we may be disappointed at the result, or at it’s unfamiliar, bitter taste. But we must savor it because if you don’t what will you gain? Nothing. Just anger and regret and hatred. Don’t let one thing, ONE small situation ever bring your whole world crashing down. Back to the topic of “Everything happens for a reason”, everything does. You say everyone is taking sides? This will let you know who your true friends are. Im assuming you are only in the midst of this issue, right? Evaluate the situation, who is being rational? Are they trying to work this out? Are they being stubborn? If no one is trying to work anything out, and it is a lost war, that should tell you everything. I advice you to find peace in the situation, because stressing over it will only make you want to pull out your hairs and make you want to crawl into 15 100% cotton blankets with 6 buckets of ice cream and your dog watching sad movies about friendship. Dont let that be you, be optimistic and hang in there! :)
    Ill end with this quote:
    “God knows who belongs in your life and who doesn’t.
    Trust and let go.
    Whoever belongs in your life will still be there.”
    Shanay-neigh OUT!
    Wish you the best! ♥


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