Lord of the Flies character analysis: Simon

Although Simon was not considered to be one of the main characters in this novel, he still held an important role in the novel. Simon was an extremely kind character who would put others in front of himself. He would sacrifice what he had in order to help his friends out. He was portrayed as the crazy one of the bunch, when in reality he was the only sane one who sensed his own death coming.

An example from the book that genuinely demonstrates Simon’s character is when the littluns could not reach the fruits and Simon happened to be passing by. “Simon found for them the fruit they could not reach, pulled off the choicest from up in the foliage, passed them back down to the endless, outstretched hand”(56). If it were any other character in the book , like Jack they would have just let the littluns keep struggling for the fruits, but Simon never once did anything to hurt or enrage any of the other boys. He just wanted peace among all of them.

Simon was struggling with a battle within himself. He slowly drove himself insane. He was dealing with his own inner battles, but through it all he did not once complain or try to go against any of the other boys. He tried his best to stick it out on his own. “There isn’t anyone to help you. Only me. And I’m the beast.”(143)  Simon is the only one so far that has communicated with the beast. But what is different about their communication is that the beast lives inside his brain. It is a little voice in his head taunting him, this is probably why he has been the most realistic about the boys’ situation.

The boys on the island mistook Simon for the beast in chapter 9 and literally killed him as if something was controlling them. Simon had just wanted to warn the boys about the beast but he walked into his own death trap. All the boys had become so obsessed with this beast that they had no sense of control of their actions. What made it worse was that after Simon’s death, Piggy tried to relieve his own guilt by saying it was Simon’s fault. Ralph, on the other hand, did seem to feel some type of guilt over what happened even though he and Piggy were not directly involved in what happened to Simon.

Of all the boys on the island, Simon deserved to live in the end. He was so caring and kind it is heartbreaking to know he died insane, but with the purest heart. He had the most innocent, pure heart and ended up being killed savagely. I believe that was extremely ironic, because although he was a little nuts he never once did anything to hurt the other boys. Rather than hurt them, he helped in every way possible and silently cheered them on from the sidelines. “I’ll go if you like, I don’t mind honestly.”(117)  This quote is significant because of all the boys in the book Simon is the only one to have agreed to go let Piggy know what was going on. This is one of the many times Simon showed that he is a character of integrity, loyalty, and honesty.

If Simon had not been killed, I feel as though he would have been the only one left on Ralph’s side towards the end of the book. After Piggy died and Sam and Eric were held hostage as Jack’s new tribe members, Ralph was left alone. Simon demonstrated throughout the book that he was a loyal character that only wanted the best for everyone, so he would have been on the side of sanity and order—which is what Ralph’s side stood for. Simon’s overall role in the novel was to be the character that the readers relate and get emotionally attached to. In conclusion, I am bitter.

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