The Human Race is Trash

Aren’t ya just sick of people who constantly forget about their environment around them? Take litterers for example, they drive me insane. Something tells me their breath smells like wet flip-flops… just a thought. Anyways, littering. What could possibly stimulate these TWONKS to litter? Clearly they have environmental and economic impacts so what could be the reason? Laziness.

When a TWONK throws out his/hers cigarette butt or McDonald’s bag it creates this horrendous scene.

Image result for littered area

Each piece of trash stacks up creating mounts and piles of garbage that can soon lead to major environmental problems. Littering not only harms our health but it costs money by preventing communities to attract more business and tourists. It also hurts our communities in ways of the house market owners to lose money. The fact that America spends 11.5 billion on mounds of trash caused by humans is outrageous. The money that is being drastically spent can be used for more important things. Yeah, I’m stating the obvious but do we truly understand the effects of littering? More money and more things will be damaged or even innocent lives could be effected. A person throwing out their cigarette can be eaten by a dog which would lead him to death just because of someone’s laziness.

How can we stop littering? It’s all about simplicity. There’s individuals like me who volunteer to pick up trash but not all of it can be picked up at once with one person. We can start by the easy strategies.

1. Throw away whatever you plan to get rid of… in a trash can.

2. Slap a lid on your trash can to prevent the trash from escaping

3. Hire a pal to monitor your litter habits, beating the tar out of you at every block you approach

4. If you have any ideas to share about the prevention of littering, go ahead and spread them to your community

There are other ways to stop littering. One way is to put more bins in the streets so that people use them rather than throw their litter on the floor. Educating children from a young age to dispose their litter correctly is another way. Some people think that having more policies on the streets would be a good deterrent because people would be less likely to the litter the streets. It is possible that a heavy fine might deter them but only if it is likely they will be caught and the fine imposed. Having a bigger fine is one way to stop people but not everyone agrees that it is the best way. The first way to slow people down from littering is by putting up cameras in places that are being littered the most. The cameras need to be mobile so that they can be moved around to the places that are being hit the hardest.

When we throw things out that could have been reused or recycled, it just makes it harder fir earth to maintain as a healthy place. In order to have a clean environment we need to recycle our waste or use reusable things. Instead of throwing plastic and waste paper on the ground, we could simply dump it in a bin. Or when we go to a store we could carry our own bags in order to avoid the use of plastic bags provided by the store. The causes of littering are very simple and easy to establish while the effects of littering are complex and difficult to deal. It wont cost you a dime to stop littering but it’ll cost you a brain. :B







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