“Everybody” by Logic (song review)

     Maryland-based rapper Sir Robert Bryson Hall is known as ” Logic”  born January 22, 1990. Hall spent much of his youth living in West Deer Park which is located in Maryland. Both his guardians suffered from drug addiction and alcholism. His father was announced sober back it 2013. As a young adolescent, he witnessed many discouraging things like seeing his siblings sell drugs to their own father. After Hall got kicked out of school he pursued his dreams as a rapper and stayed with Big Lenbo for a year until he got back on his feet. As a friend, Lenbo saw the potential in Hall and pushed his to keep pursing his dreams .

Years passed Logic secured a record deal with Def Jams Recordings and released his debut studio album Under Pressure in October 2014. The album caused him to gain a lot of fans and positive feedback. Hall’s second studio album the incredible true story was released November 13, 2015. After the album released logic went m.i.a for a long period of time I’m guessing that he was working on something while he was gone.  July 1, 2016, logic surprised his fans with a mixtape called Bobby Tarantino which hall came up with the title by his favorite film director Quentin Tarantino and his closest friends, family members, and most fans call him bobby. The mixtape has gotten negative and positive feed back from the rat pack ( his fans)  most people are saying that they want the ” old logic ” back and his music has changed a lot, however hall announced on via twitter that the mixtape was something that his fans could listen to for fun and it was supposed to hold us off until he releases his new album.

October 3rd, 2016 he revealed that he was going to name his upcoming album AfricAryaN, stating that ” it’s about me being black and white, and seeing life from two sides. it’s about the cultural evolution and how you can go from the darkest of skin to the lightest of skin… at the end of the day, we all have so many different ethnicities in our blood, no matter how pure we think we are. However on march 29th, 2017 he revealed on via twitter that he changed the album name from ” AfricAryaN” to ” Everybody”  due to the fact that people thought of it in a negative aspect, but no matter he explains the message behind it there will always be haters and critics saying something else. The art cover was designed and painted by Sam Spratt whom also painted under pressure.  Logic uploads a video on his youtube channel about ” Everybody album concept” he points out that in the album his is barely speaking from his own perspective and he said that he’s gonna rap from everybody’s p.o.v… The album story is about ‘atom’ played by BIGVON and Neil Degrasse Tyson as ‘god’ . ” atom is on his way to work when he gets hit by a car, dies, and wakes up in a white void talking to god.He finds out that he’s on his way to be reincarnated, but he’s  every human being that’s ever existed.it isn’t until he’s lived in the shoes of every man, woman, and child; race, religion, color, 30th ,creed, and sexual orientation that he can be taken from this plane of existence and freed into the next… whatever’s after this [life].

30th,2017 logic has released a single called everybody off his album everybody, as a member of the rattpack /fans of logic  this song is very catchy and fun to listen to.  In the song he talks about being biracial and how others made him feel off about being both black and white . I like the fact that hes finally getting out his comfort zone to talk about this specific topic because he has gotten a lot of hate because people think that he glorify one side of his enthic then the other. On his debut album under pressure he talked about many experiences that he went through in his life like his siblings selling drugs to their own father, and witnessing his sister being in abuse relationship. The hooks of the song  ” Everybody people , everybody bleed, everybody need something , everybody love , everybody know, how it go” Logic states on genius lyrics that the hooks are about unity . And everybody has experiences and everybody has highs and lows . Which the message I got out of the song overall is what is the point of hating on someone because of their race , and everyone is their own being we love who we love ; and we are who we  are . Everything about this song is great from beginning to end, and from  the synthesizer to the stacked vocal effected. I would definitely highly suggest that people to give logic a listen because he is very geniue person and he spreads positivity through out his music . And every album that he has dropped they have really cool concepts like his studio album the incredible true story has a space concept. Two males named kali and thomas flying through space looking for a planet called “paradise”

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