JoshaReviews- Minecraft

`Minecraft is a game both captivating and ludicrous to me because while it’s infinite replayability can sit an obese man down on his Dorito crusted desk and chair to play for hours, it becomes the pinnacle of investment, sinking hundreds of hours into something that can so easily be taken away or destroyed mercilessly. It just seems so.. Pointless.

Granted i’m probably one of few with this mentality, in fact, lots of Minecraft players thrive on this idea, toppling monuments and looting bases at every opportunity for the sheer fun of it.

But that’s not what i’m here to discuss. Today i will be reviewing Minecraft, a game that i’ve sunk my fair share of time into, a game where admittedly, the cringiest experiences of my life have taken place, and a game that my friends call me a weirdo for playing

The game is a sandbox, infinite in its possibilities, yet finite in its ways to accomplish aforementioned possibilities. Minecraft is played by punching and placing.


The premise for Minecraft is essentially, gather a sufficient amount of dirt to construct a glorious monument atop a mountain, mt minecraft, where you will design and build a Lincoln memorial fit for the Gods. Then the Gods themselves, Notch and Herobrine descend from the clouds to battle atop your monuments lap

The winner will probably say something like

Join Newspaper

And fly away

After this the game really dies down. You’ll do the regular surviving by punching trees and your foes, there will be the occasional intense battle with some spooky fire men, (of which i rather enjoy) but accompanying that is the running around pondering your next objective. This is what makes the game unbearable. Complete and absolute unadulterated garbage, playing it recently has really put it in perspective, how Minecraft is an absolute failure to the gaming industry, if what you are looking for is something with all of the elements Minecraft mixed in with actual fun engaging gameplay, Play Roblox. 

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