The Weather and You

Mesquite is a mediocre sized town with mediocre people, we all know that. But despite being small and relatively unimportant to the rest of the US, Mesquite still has to deal with the consequences of living in Texas. This includes but is not limited to the hot and unbearable climate. But before we get to hit the hot days, we gotta bring it back and chillax for a while.

Spring is a time for hurricanes and thunderstorms like the one we had a couple nights ago. This is a pretty standard and average climate for Texas, as it happens near every year. It’s so predictable that in fact a few days ago someone hacked the Dallas sirens, presumably to warn us of impending storms. Summer will come soon, but for rain-lovers Spring is a dream come true. We are currently in the rainiest season of the year, surpassing even the dull Autumn, and that means that we have to stay prepared for all types of weather that can come to us.

If it rains, you stay indoor and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate, thats always the tradition. If it snows you read a book, though this is kinda rare for Spring. Sometimes it gets a bit more extreme however, and instead of rain you get a thunderstorm or even a hurricane. In times of these what you do is turn all the lights off and don’t look at the clocks so that if the power goes out you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Tornadoes are the last thing you want to have to deal with in a city such as Mesquite, but the first thing you want to be prepared for. Tornadoes are different from other storms because they are fairly exclusive to Texas and the rest of the USA. If a tornado were to strike the center of Dallas, millions of dollars would be lost and possible dozens or hundreds of lives. But hey that probably won’t happen, and besides this is Mesquite news not Dallas news. So let’s just focus on ourselves.

When a tornado is unlucky enough to strike our little town here in Texas, the first thing you want to do is take shelter in your basement, or if you already live down there, under the bed. If there is no basement you can access the safest place to go is the bathroom, though you might want to make sure no ones in there when you do.

Finally in the event of a hurricane or severe thunderstorm, stay calm. Remain indoors and never look outside: its scary. Do something fun indoors that doesn’t require electricity, because if it does and the power goes out you’ll just be stuck scared and twice as bored as usual.

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