Moorim School Plot

Moorim School is a South Korean drama that follows the life of four college students. It is not just an ordinary college it is a college that is built on magic that has a barrier that can only be broken by the headmaster of the school. Or so everyone thought. Yoon Si Woo is the leader of a kpop group in the story but he randomly began to get little blackouts where he loses his hearing for an unknown reason. Wang Cha Ang is the “illegitimate,” child of the richest CEO of China. Cha Ang’s mother was the CEO’s mistress when she had him so his father has always had low standards for him and has treated him as if he was a stranger rather than his actual son. Sim Soon Duk is a student of Moorim who attends the school behind her blind fathers back because he is against the school as a whole. Hwang Sun Ah is the daughter of the headmaster of Moorim. Soon Duk and Sun Ah have been attending Moorim while Shi Woo and Chang Ang would become new students.

Si Woo has a fear of fire because he holds a memory of his childhood where he was stuck in a burning building and saw his dead mothers body lying on the ground as a toddler. Although he is not aware right now that the little kid in his trauma is actually him which is why he has the fear. During one of his concerts he temporarily lost his hearing on stage and during his performance the lights were about to come crashing down on him, but since he could not hear what was going on he stayed froze on stage. Sun Ah who attended the concert because she is a big fan of Si Woo saved him from the lights hitting him but as she was about to push him out the way she saw him use some type of force to prevent the light from falling on him. Si Woo hadn’t even noticed himself what he had done. Before being dragged away from security Sun Ah told Si Woo to go to Moorim school because the headmaster could “cure” him. At this time Cha Ang and Si Woo had already had an awkward encounter with each other at a hotel because the worker had accidently booked the same room to the both of them. Both of them being spoiled brats refused to acknowledge each other or tried to give up the room. Cha Ang had to give up the room only because his father was sponsoring Si Woo’s concert and he could not afford to give his father another reason to hate him. Si Woo had been set up by his company making him look like aa bad guy who just left a women in a street with a bunch of gang members but the truth is he was running to catch the paparazzi to prevent them from making a big headline out of the situation. Soon Duk happened to be near by and saw everything happened and she thought he had just randomly left so when interviewed she said he just left causing all his fans to turn against him. The company used this as the opportunity to drop him which is what led him to Moorim school.

Cha Ang’s father had resorted to sending him to Moorim school by force because he had already been expelled from any other college in China. Cha Ang is rich, spoiled and entitled brat who does not see the harm in his little antics. As he was running away from the body guards that his father had sent him to ensure that he actually goes through with attending Moorim school he fell over a cliff into a lake. The only thing he can’t do is swim so he died. LOL! Just kidding! He didn’t die, but was actually saved by Soon Duk who happened to be out catching fish at the time. Before he really black outed he was able to catch a glimpse of who saved him and has then grown fond of her and has referred to her as “Ariel,” because she is a mermaid princess to him. As he was about to leave her home after being fed and clothed he overheard that she is a student at Moorim school so he decided to actually give the school a try for the love that he has towards his mom and because he wants to get closer to the “mermaid princess.”

On their first day of attending Si Woo runs into Soon Duk and forcibly tells her to make an interview saying that what she had previously said about him to the press was all false. As he was tugging on her arm Cha Ang sees and decides to throw a punch at him which leads them to roll around the hidden forest until a school appears out of the dirt. They had broken the barrier that protects the school from unknown students who try to enter on their own. Originally just Cha Ang had been accepted to attend the school since his father is sponsoring it but the headmaster had become curious as to what had caused the barrier to break and decided to allow Si Woo to attend the school as well. This mean’t that Si Woo and Cha Ang would have to share a dorm sadly for the both of them. How would these two brats live in an environment completely different  from the one they are used to? Will they always hate each other? What caused the barrier to break?…………………… be continued

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