Why Puppy Mills are a Sick Idea

Picture a beautiful puppy.

Now picture that puppy in a concentration camp.

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Most pet store pups are generated in puppy mills—jail-like places where the animals’ welfare is not top priority. The animals are kept in cages which are usually covered in filth and are unsanitary. They lack the appropriate amount of nutrients due to the selfish owners of these puppy mills. Over time, puppy mills can get overcrowded and since the puppies are in cages, they lack socialization. Why do these inhumane places exist? Puppy mills are basically a system where profit is the priority rather than the well-being of an animal.

Legal or illegal? Well if the mill is safekeeping and contains responsibility then yes, it’s legal. On the other hand, mills with unsuitable care are very much illegal. Where exactly are the cruel areas located?

There are an estimated 15,000 puppy mills all over the United States.

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 Puppy mills are focused on producing puppies for the pet trade. Well, what happens when a dog can’t produce anymore? They’re considered useless so either commonly killed or abandoned. Even worse, the animals could die from catching a disease knowing how unsanitary these places are.
 There are so many questions to ask regarding puppy mills. The real question is: How can we end puppy mills?!
To keep animals from untreated medical conditions and such, adopt from a shelter or rescue. Even better, visit the breeder and see the parents for clarification.
Here’s a summarization of the puppy mill process:
1. Puppies and mothers are kept in unsanitary, cramped, and exposed cages.
2. Puppies are packed into cages and sold to brokers.
3. Crates are transported across the nation.
4. Resale of healthy and sick puppies to pet shops.
5. People find interest in pet store sold pets and end up purchasing them for unhealthy and unsocialized pets.
Having a pet that hasn’t been cared well for can lead to frustrated owners that eventually abandon them. The victims of puppy mills are not only the animals, but the many citizens who purchase sick puppies and often spend thousands of dollars in vet

bills attempting to save their lives.
This is where puppies in pet stores come from and it should give you a sickening feeling. If you buy pets from pet stores, breeders, or puppy mills then you’re supporting this disturbing process. The next time you feel like getting a pet, consider adopting one. Stay informed people :P

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