Modern Art is a Mind Game; a Scam

The dictionary definition of Art is more or less ‘an aesthetically pleasing creation’. This is the standard to which we held art up until recently. Recently a plague has hit the art world affecting you, me, and those who put effort and care into their work. This plague? Modern Art.

Modernized Art. Sounds wonderful, an upgrade on the already captivating art of the past. This however, is definitely not the case. Take one look at what the left so proudly names  ‘Modern Art’ and you’ll instantly drop to your knees and look up to the sky and ask yourself, “Have we, as a society, hit rock bottom?” God will most likely look down and nod his holy head. Gone are the days of art having any actual discernible value. Welcome to the era where slapping a banana peel on some hair makes for a masterpiece worth millions. You’ve all seen it, @funfactsorwhatever tweets out a picture of a painting, something like this.Modern Lart
“Sold for 40 million” it says. The replies are full of confusion, and rightfully so. What could possible be the reason behind the exhorbitant price tag? One word. Expressionism.

Expressionism is the bull crap that sells these works of non-art. The “Artists” can’t sell their garbage without attaching some kind of “deeper hidden meaning” to it. Just read this description and try and guess what the piece could possibly be.

“The majesty of hieroglyphs are suffused with a sense of greater substance than the sum of their parts. The resulting panels of a stark, bright silver were transformed through a collaboration with the audience in a series of uncontrolled impulsive makers and messages carved into the surface.” What does all of this mean? Well, this pretentious description describes Rudolf Stingel’s “Untitled”. rudolf_stingel_untitled2

It all breaks down to a piece of aluminum foil stuck on a board and having strangers come up and chicken scrawl random lines onto it. Sold for a well deserved $250,000. The convoluted Expressionism serves its purpose, cleverly concocting notions of cultural legitimacy in the fevered minds of the elite. And for the privilege of feeling culturally superior, they’re willing to pay millions. But let’s face it. Expressionism is not art. Expressionism it is a mind game; a scam.


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