Life Of A Lefty

To be honest I am writing this because I just realized half my assignment is smudged and I tried finding the source for that until I realized half my assignment is stained on the side of my hand. I know even right-handed people get these kinds of smudges, but not as often as a lefty would. Where is our justice!!! My whole life I never realized that some of my every day tools were specifically designed for right handed people, and I thought I was just a klutz who had no sense of  hand coordination.

An example would be when I was in Fashion Design my sophomore year and I tried cutting out the pieces for a pair of pants, when the teacher told me that I was holding the scissors wrong before she realized I was holding them with my left hand, then she asked why didn’t I use the left handed scissors. I didn’t even know those things existed. From that moment forward I began using left handed scissors. The second thing I failed to realize was that the reason I never was able to get a can opener to work was because I was holding using it completely backwards!! No one ever corrected me or anything they just assumed I was stupid until I actually sat there and watched my mom open a can was when I realized that my whole life had been a lie.

This is basically me just rambling on about the mind blowing experiences I have had.

Another situation where I get so frustrated I wanted to throw a crotchet stick in my eye was when I struggled again in Fashion Design. I don’t know why the teacher could not teach us on her own how to crotchet rather than us watching a youtube video over it. I basically had to mirror what the person in the video was doing. I had to imagine everything backwards which made me struggle more than the others in the class and I got no help. My most recent complaint is that I had to pay $100 more dollars on a guitar to get it to be left handed. Why do I have to pay so much extra over something that I had no choice in. Not only did I have to pay $100 extra but I also had to order it online because there were none available at the store. The discrimination smh!

Although there are a few negatives to being a lefty, there are also a few positives. One of these is that I  could easily punch someone and they wouldn’t expect it to come from my left hand, so they would be surprised—giving me the upper hand in a fight. Although I am not promoting violence, I sometimes find this pretty useful. It could also work in sports such as basketball. Your opponent would not see your left hand slam dunk coming and they would probably be blocking your right.

Another advantage I have found is while driving. Since our left is stronger, that is the hand the remains on the wheel while the right is the one that is used to change into park and stuff so our strongest hand is the one always on the wheel. Not even just for parking or reversing but also if you happen to have a snack in the car you would eat it with the right hand. We even get our own “National Left Handers Day,” on August 13th. Even though I still don’t get appreciate personally, it’s the thought that counts. Although the negatives outweigh the positives, given the choice, I would still choose to be a lefty because I like being different. Less than 10% of the human population is left handed. I also find it pretty funny that super religious people used to believe that left handers were the spawn of satan. I kind of hope some still do.

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