Moving to Alaska

What would life be like, if you packed only the important things in your life and just ran away to Alaska?

What would you take? What should you take? Do you tell someone, or just leave it all here? What will you do, and what about your career?

There are lots of questions you can and should ask yourself before considering such a trip to a foreign place. Maybe you don’t want to go all the way up to Alaska; maybe just to visit the national parks or Canada. There’s lots of beautiful wilderness up there, and very easy to get lost in. But it is also very easy to get lonely in such vast plots of land.

Imagine living in a small house in Alaska with nothing but wilderness and a road that leads to town. But let’s say that it takes 30 minutes by truck to get to town, so it feels really isolated. You have to fish both for food and to sell at town every day at noon for your income. Alaska is a place for photographers and wilderness explorers to find nice places to take pictures and record the wildlife they see. Alaska is vast, and has a diverse amount of life that can be found if you are into that kind of stuff. But Alaska is also a land with lots of artificial beauty as well.

A good photographer who knows how to take pictures can take amazing shots of the night sky and the auroras and make a great profit out of that. Climbing mountains and hiking in Alaska must be a nice hobby for the summer season. Everything about Alaska seems so appealing to me. A peaceful location where the only things that bother you are your legs from exploring all day, and your cat eating all the fish you left out.

A dog would be the best type of pet to own because it would keep you happy and you can take your dog anywhere with you as long as its fed. A husky or a medium sized dog would be perfect for Alaska. A house cat would also be appealing, though it would take a lot of the love away from the dog so you would have to have plenty of time for both pets, and make sure that your cat has a nice and warm place to sleep in, so that it knows where home is. Lots of wildlife in Alaska can be stressful for a cat to compete with, especially snow rabbits or rodents. Cats make nice house pets because they keep it relatively pest free, something the dog would give up trying after a few weeks of rat noises. There are also pets that do not belong in Alaska, such as birds and reptiles, which are used to warmer temperatures. Warm-blooded animals are the best pets to keep in Alaska as their bodies resist the colder temperatures and won’t get stressed.

Another great tip is to be a very patient person. Patience and comfort at home are two of the most important aspects of living alone in Alaska. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, theres little to do in Alaska if you’re not a romantic poetry writer. Alaska is NOT for people with low tolerance for boredom; it is where people go to vacation and to absorb the beauty of the scenery, not where people head to have fun.

Planning to live in Alaska is a difficult process because you have to ensure that you know how much it would cost to live there for a long time, get used to the weather, and learn to fit in with the people of Alaska. Alaskans are very split from the rest of society and often don’t care what the latest trend is about. In Alaska, utility comes before fashion. No one dresses to impress over there; it’s too cold to wear dresses and the roads are always too snowy or frozen to wear high heels or fancy dress shoes. Snow boots and work shoes are the main source of footwear in Alaska. So keep in mind that a new sense of fashion is likely to take over when you reach Alaska.

Moving to Alaska is a long and difficult process that requires a strong will and determination to complete. Alaska is not a walk in the park- it’s a journey you make through the forests of Canada that takes you to one of the final frontiers of the American continent. When moving to Alaska one should always take as much supplies as possible, but the best advice I can give is to always take any advice given to you. All the help you can get is always going to be given by the people of Alaska, and not the state itself.

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