Prom Season?

The relay has begun to create the perfect prom experience: high school seniors are out shopping for dresses, making appointments, reserving limousines. With only a month away it is senseless to question the excitement of the class of 2017.

But not everyone is out looking for a dress or a tux, not everyone is excited for the end of the school year. People like myself, children of “illegal” immigrants or even immigrants themselves, have bigger things to worry about. As i sit here and type this article hundreds of people are being deported and why? Because they hoped to find a better future here in america. As i sit here DACA kids all over the nation are worried about what they will do if they, or a loved one, gets deported; how they will survive in America without their parents or how things will change once they are thrown back into their home country. Finding a reliable limousine company is the least of our worries.

And the idea that it is expected for the DACA children not to worry, that it is expected for us to trust the word of Mr. Trump is outrageous. He claims not to touch the DACA community but has given ICE agents the right to deport whomever they chose.

What saddens me the most is that its not just the Hispanic community being targeted its minorities in general that are being bombarded with hate.

It is enraging that seniors everywhere don’t get to enjoy ‘prom season’ because they’re worried about what their future holds; about what will happen in the next couple of months.

Before I leave I want to say that in history, change has always come with the ‘new generation,’ these next couple of years shouldn’t be any different – resisting inequality and hatred is key to advancement.


North Mesquite High School, blue prints author. Sophomore and band aficionado.

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