Immigration and Sweden

President Trump held a rally in Melbourne, FL Feburary 18th to celebrate his early accomplishments. During this speech, Trump mentions an incident that never happened in Sweden. The mistake was reported throughout the mainstream and conservative media. Trump’s hiccup was a mistake, this everyone can agree on. However, the mainstream media used this clip to justify their factually inaccurate narrative that Sweden is a safe haven where mass immigration was seamless, perfect, and magical. This is not the case however, as Sweden is often referred to as the rape capital of the west. And with good reason, as Sweden’s crime rate has skyrocketed since the Liberal obsession to import unassimilated muslim immigrants. Sweden is home to ‘Muslim slums’ where the immigrants sit living off of welfare and making no effort to assimilate.Christmas lights and carols are banned from certain cities because they’ve been deemed too “offensive” to the muslims.

A reporter recently accepted a challenge to live and report in these slums for a week, and before the trip was finished being planned, he received death threats and was told he was not welcome. Sounds like a peaceful country to me.

These days if you challenge the legitimacy of importing thousands of people from countries that don’t hold our western values, you’re deemed an islamaphobe, an intolerant bigot, the list goes on.

The first step to eliminating islamic terrorism is to acknowledge there is a problem with islamic ideology. You can respect individuals but I sincerely hope you have no respect for a lot of their outlandish beliefs and practices. Sounds simple right? Well today’s left has taken it upon themselves to not only accept this violent ideology, but to embrace it. An ideology that treats women as lesser than men being embraced by those who seek EQUALITY. Does any of this add up?

A very close friend of mine is a gay muslim who completely denounces the hateful ideology he was brought up in. Why is it so politically correct to bash christianity, a religion that has reformed, and politically incorrect to condemn islam and its ideology? The world needs more people in power who can stand up and speak out against this threat to the western world. I will leave with a few passages from the Quran

Quran 2:191 – kill all infidels

Quran 2:282 – Women are subhuman

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