Music Artists to Watch

Name : Khalid

Born: El Paso, Texas but he was raised as a military child, and his mom decided to move to El Paso.

 How would he describe his sound/music ?

  He doesn’t label himself, because he is still in the process of learning his sound.  However his influences go from artists such as ALT J to Father John Misty. And Frank Ocean and James Fauntleroy .

His hit song “Location” is a story of young love—the kind of love that you would travel all over the country to find.  “It’s just a story of searching for something that we all want in life no matter who we are and that’s a real genuine lover, but it doesn’t come easy,” Khalid says in his interview with Pigeons and Plans.

Khalid says he first got inspired to write “Location” off a beat he heard in the studio and it reminded him of a “digital, cellphone-type text or ringtones” then afterward the words came to him. And he came up with the line/hook “send me your location ” and it automatically sends him back to El Paso and it reminded him of this girl he was talking to, whom he wanted to impress.

His debut album “American Teen” was released on March 3rd, 2017. The album consists of his previously released tracks Location,” “Let’s Go,” and “Saved.”

Name :  Solana Rowe, formally known as SZA

Born: November 8, 1990, St.Louis, Missouri.  Later in her childhood, she relocated to New, Jersey.

SZA was musically influenced by Wu-Tang Clan, Lauren Hill, and Miles Davis .

       Growing up Muslim, she had a hard time at school because her religion and she was different from her peers. Even her music choice was different, being raised by strict parents she was limited to certain music. But she rebelled by listening to music that was prohibited from her household.

Before she got signed by the record label Top Dawg Entertainment, she tried to keep a balance between college and working at Sephora then later working on music. SZA states that she never thought about singing until someone told her that she has a nice voice and she should sing more often. SZA went to many colleges, and failed out due to the fact that she started to focus on music—which her parents weren’t too happy about.

In September 2014, she revealed that “A” will be releasing soon. But moths later she had complications with her record label Top Dawg Entertainment. October 3, 2016,  she declared on twitter that she quits T.D.E.

 Afterward, Rowe made an appearance on “Consideration,” a track is on Rihanna’s  album “Anti.”   On January 12, 2017, she premiered her new song “Drew Barrymore”  live on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” She also announced that the title of her album, which was initially titled “A,” would instead be called “CTRL.”

Kalin Jure White

Born: Hayward, California on January 4, 1995

Kalin white was part of a hip-hop duo known as Kalin and Myles, The duo split up four months after their self-titled LP.

October 13, 2016, White releases his first album “Chapter 21.

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