A Senior Feels the Pressure to Succeed

Since the very first day of my senior year I have been constantly pushed to attend a four-year University. Is it really worth it? A few month ago I thought I had my plan figured out. I had decided that I would attend a University to get a degree in Psychology. But then I realized that, that’s not what I really want to do right now. I don’t want to just go from leaving high school straight into a another 4 years of school work.

I know that education is probably the main factor to determine what a person actually becomes in life, but it doesn’t guarantee a person a career fresh out of college. I really want to make something out of myself but I feel as if I lack the motivation many people have to succeed. Yes, I have been accepted into universities and I should feel over the moon excited, but the only thing I feel is pressure.

I have teachers telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. I have one parent telling me I wouldn’t succeed in college while the other one is giving me false hopes of me being a star student.

I consider myself to be average. I settle, I don’t try to go above and beyond like I used to.

My mother still believes me to be the straight-A student I once was but she has failed to realize that I have no motivation to continue with school at the moment. Why is it that as seniors we are old enough to decide our future but not old enough to use the restroom without having to ask for permission? I want to take a full year off of my studies and travel to a place I have always wanted to go, but I can’t do that because of the stereotype of “if you take a year off you’ll never go back.” I believe that that only applies to people who truly never saw a better future ahead for themselves.

I do want to work in the Psychology field one day, but not right away. I have never been a fan of school. I don’t say this as a rebelling teen but as a person who truly never saw the point in learning math equations or reading books to only write a book report over it. In the real world no matter how cliche this sounds, math equations seem irrelevant unless your job is a math teacher.

Two months left of my senior year and I have stepped all the way back to square one, not really knowing what kind of future I see myself having. This is frightening because everyone around me believes I have it all planned out but the truth is I’m extremely lost in the aspect of continuing my studies.

The education system seems like a joke. Why are students being manipulated into thinking that they will get nowhere in life without a college degree? What if that shy kid in the back who loses grade points for not participating in class discussions has found the cure for an incurable illness? No one would know because they already voted him as a failure because of his lack of communication skills. Rather than trying to understand each of the students and create an environment where they all feel as if they will get somewhere in life, the system just teaches the curriculum assigned and moves on.

College isn’t for everyone, even some of the smartest kids don”t see themselves in a university and are too scared to voice their opinion because of everyone’s high expectations of them. This shows that something is wrong with the way society goes about providing guidance to young people about their future.

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