The Best Article Writers of Today

Nowadays, our old articles don’t make much sense. The old ideals of the olden people just don’t fit our new technologies and liberal ideals. That’s why we need a new generation of article writers to disprove our news coverage and bring out the TRUTH in news today.

I think the best writers include sources inside of their stories, humor, facts, and most importantly, no effort.

For example, in our own blueprintsnews website, the best article writer would have to be our lovely Omar Aceval. He makes the least hilarious articles and writes about the false truth, including sources from debunked websites and studied from today’s technology.

I truly believe we will never get a better article writer than him, despite the fact that we have many aspiring students working hard to produce high quality content for our website. We deserve more than just the average student writing average articles without heart and effort.

To everyone reading this: Omar is the best!1!1!!i

Marlin Chevez

I yam who i yam.

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