The life of a soccer player

33617fe2f6591c8114b4ad7146d21b6f  Scandalous figures for the number of zeros, luxury cars, fame,      presence in  outstanding  events and other frivolities are what the  media present us as the life  of every footballer,  but what lies behind  this thin film covering these apparent  “Superhuman”? To reach the  instance of first division, be the country that is,  implies an infinity  of sacrifices, besides a  process and aspects not taken into  account  by the public. Each player lives on his body, a  situation that requires  optimal care of him, especially when he is climbing up. Most of  the  time there are two training sessions a day, which must be performed  with the same  intensity.


As in the world, an individualism reigns, where self-interests are pursued, even suppressing, subjugating and even crushing those of competitors, rather than seeking growth together. From the lowest levels of professional football, any new member in any club, is an enemy to gain a place in the eleventh holder. Consequently, they are made to live endless terrible moments, where they are humiliated in the worst ways. There are many anecdotes about the vexations suffered inside a team, but they are just like that, anecdotes, because every “snitch” will be “executed” as appropriate.Getting away from family, friends, colleagues, well … loved ones, is often necessary in order to find the opportunity to climb up the professional steps. Forgetting celebrations such as Christmas, New Year and birthday in the company of family members, seems to be a general rule, apart from the physical fullness required for training (same that stop only for four weeks a year, due to the tight schedule of games ), A barrier is presented: the kilometers that distance the player from his own.

All sacrifices, hard work and requirements are rewarded at the end, allowing the “victims” to enjoy the harvested fruit. It is true, many of these players are better known for scandals around them, than for sporting exploits. However, there are a few capable of enchanting us with their challenging, risky, joyful game, replete with a technique that is not achieved if it is not through effective training sessions where discipline, of course, without leaving aside the fun, are the rule.

With all this I do not pretend to justify the exuberant amounts of money handled in this environment, but you must remember that you are dealing with human beings, as if they were interchangeable goods, where the longer the service life is, the more young people are better for the club’s claims.

60f112c5901f24ac35d384e16d1fb343Lionel Messi left his native Rosario, Argentina, to reach Spain at the age of thirteen accompanied by his family, however, she returned to the country of origin for missing her roots, the teenager decided to stay in Barcelona only next to His father to seek football success.



Cristiano Ronaldo, to become one of the world football figures, despite the arrogance on the lawn, had to move away at sixteen years of Madeira, the small island in Portugal that saw him born, to pass the tests of one Of the largest clubs in his country; The “Sporting Lisbon” and that way develop football.

A salary with six figures in euros, sounds presumptuous and utopian. Any family head would want this amount to compensate the future professional activity of his son. Mothers have imagined for decades, a stage where their offspring is an honorable lawyer, an excellent doctor or an ingenious architect; But rarely notice the idea of ​​the footballer.

The morning routine

The working day of a professional football player starts the moment he gets up. Although the training routines differ for each player, most start the day running five to ten miles (between 8 and 16 km). Following their morning race, players need a healthy breakfast that fits their nutritional needs of the day. As with most athletes, professional soccer players need most of their carbohydrates and fats in the morning, so a great breakfast is not uncommon. After breakfast, a professional football player usually meets with the rest of the team to practice together.


Professional soccer players get together with their team to practice skills and training almost daily. After a quick warm-up, players work the specific skills of their position or make a line of attack against each other, simulating the gaming experience. As part of the practice, the team captain and coach meet with the players for a personalized workout. Physical practice is divided by less intense skill-building activities, such as watching tapes of your past matches or learning about future rivals in the field.

Travels and matches 

If the team has a match, players may need to make more trips to play in a “distant” field. Depending on the distance, the trip can take many hours. If the game is at home, players will gather in the dressing rooms to dress, stretch and otherwise prepare for the match. They have changing rooms for guests when they travel. The match itself begins with warm-up, and then there may be opening ceremonies or other special events, depending on the match. After playing, the team will return to the changing rooms to shower, and will travel home as a team or leave individually, if the match was in their stadium. Some teams like to celebrate together after the game, but it’s up to them.

Deal with the press

An important part of the work day for some players is dealing with the press. On holidays and surrounding other important events, professional players from elite speeches, speak at events, and respond to issues at press conferences. Many professional players have advertisers who deal with the media at other points.

Afternoon tasks

To be a better football player and get more playing time or a higher salary, many professionals have an individual afternoon workout that they do in their spare time. This may include lifting weights, running more, or practicing skills. Players can also see their doctors in the afternoon to talk about the progression of damage. Sleeping is important to them, so their work day ends up going to bed at a reasonable hour to have eight hours of sleep each night.



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