What Would Happen If We Didn’t Need To Sleep?

How often do you think about sleep? A lot? I know you do. You have to do it every day, because it is important to the body. Did you know that sleep is the body’s natural way to clear its cache and get ready for the day? Well now you do. But what if instead of sleeping, we could just continue to work on whatever it was that we had to do that day and the next? How much more productive would we be instead if we had 5-8 hours extra on our day?

To find out how much more time we have to do a little bit of detective work. Just how much do normal people sleep? On average a high school student gets about 7 hours of sleep, but often times the higher the GPA the lower the sleep.

It is difficult to be able to sleep for a minimum of 8 hours while also maintaining a strong social life, high grades, volunteering, exercising, and eating at least 3 full meals a day. But guess what? It’s difficult because no one does that. Let’s do some math. 5 hours of sleep+ lets say 2 hours of exercise + 8 hours of school + 30 mins per meal + 2 hours of homework + 2 hours of volunteering + 30 minutes of driving + 3 hours of social life for say a movie + 30 minutes of driving  + 3 hours spent on twitter/instagram = 27.5 hours a day. I M P O S S I B L E.

Thats only assuming the minimums and on a school night too. On Saturdays some people might even decide to socialize for 8 hour a day, and work out for say 4 hours of the day. Add in the shameless 2 hours of phone usage with no meaning and the hour and a half for food, and lets say another 2 and a half for homework, and you only get 6 hours of sleep. And they wonder why they’re always tired.

You know those people who have 15 AP classes, mentorship, some out of school STEM class, and only ever post those annoying twitter pictures where its a group of band/orchestra/theater people you don’t ever hear about that has a caption that reads “loved hanging out with the fight 4 cancer group. Today’s meetup was great!” when in reality the meetup was probably 90% talk 10% cancer? Those people live and bleed for volunteering hours. They will lose 5 hours of sleep as long as their resume has an extra line that reads “Occasionally volunteer at Papa John’s® feed the homeless program.”

What is even worse than those are the people who slack off and waste time because they’re so tired that their productivity levels just go down the drain. What i mean by that is those people who get so little sleep, that when they get homework from school they procrastinate for weeks to get it done if they can.

It goes a bit like this: people stay up all night and then just grab a coffee in the morning as if coffee will just magically give them a full night’s sleep and then cry about how they wish they had more time to write the essay they had months to work on but decided to just wait after all its only due in 3 weeks but then when they get half a month off from school they decide again not to do it since we still have 2 weeks to work on it and then when they return to school think “well this doesn’t even look so hard I was right to not stress out on the last week” and the teacher tells them ‘remember to do your essay its due in 4 days’ and they think “Ok sure whatever lol thats not gonna happen” and they still wait until they day before its due when they start at 6:30 PM and then they work until 4 AM and they’re only on the 2nd body paragraph and they say ‘oh my look at the time my teacher is crazy if she thinks handing out a dumb assignment like this is normal I can’t do this its 5 in the morning’ then they sleep for 1 hour before they leave to school early and what do they do? They say “Man, I am so tired, I wish I got more sleep last night but I had to stay up all night writing this dumb essay I hate this class it’s unfair.” If only they had more time to do the essay. What ever could they have done to get their work done.

Now imagine if that had never happened because they had gotten a good nights rest.
Now imagine if that had never happened because they didn’t need to sleep.

The student would never get into all of this mess because they won’t be tired that they missed their sleep. The student would have so much extra time to work, study, and then when the student finishes can they finally finish their work. Lets be serious for a second though, they would just spend it procrastinating. OK serious second is over. No sleep means more productivity and overall better health due to the fact that they no longer have any work to worry about. Man what a life.

To conclude, I wish people were more responsible didn’t require sleep because then we would become far more productive than we are now due to the fact that we aren’t tired all of the time. People spend too much time procrastinating because they stayed up late and lost all of their productivity on their phones overnight. Less sleep will be the future of human procrastination. And also the present, and the past.

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