Proving Uncle D Wrong with Substantial Evidence

Example 1: Lets begins with her name. Uncle D™? Science proves that if D was an uncle she would in fact have to be a grandfather first.

Evidence: biology


Example 2: “Uncle” D answers her first question being, “What is this?” with “Good question” Good question? G O O D  Q U E S T I O N ?? Does anyone actually know what makes a question good? Good is an opinion, making it subjective, making what “Uncle” D said  f a l s e.

Evidence: evidence

Okay so here’s the thing, I don’t have to continue proving why “Uncle” D is wrong (but let it be know that I could). What I will say is that “Uncle” D is brainwashing the newspaper class of 2016-2017, feeding them with “advice” USING US TO HER OWN ADVANTAGE; WAITING FOR THE PERFECT TIME TO STRIKE US WITH HER MASTER PLAN; IN THE END OBLITERATE US ALL.

So I leave you all with this, if you have asked “Uncle” D for advice–

do not listen to her. She is using this class to spread her propagandist material.
I want to hear from you! How corrupt is "Uncle" D

Marlin Chevez

I yam who i yam.

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