Top 10 Reasons Why No Fruit Will Ever Live Up To The Hype of Bananas.

In today’s world, it can be hard to focus know that more than a dozen fruit exist at the SAME TIME! It is distracting for us to catch up to the changing world we live in today, especially with all these new confusing technologies and internet. The worst part is how we can’t even express our feelings to our families because they are all too young and busy with their phones. That is why I have written these top 10 facts, to show that some good still exists in this world, despite all of the bad change that is going on. Here are the top 10 reasons why bananas are the best fruit out there:

  1. Bananas have easy to remove shells


    Most fruits out there that you can find have shells on them. The shells are made to protect the insides of the fruit, which contain most of the edible product of a fruit. But some fruits, are inferior to the banana because their shell is edible. What is the point of eating a shell if the shell is supposed to be made to protect the inside? It gets even worse when the hard shells get stuck in your teeth, because then you have to pull them out to remove them. This is just a lazy metaphor because it means we do not have to work at all to get the rewards we want in life. Fruits like apples are taking away jobs and thats not good.

  2. Banana shells are neither too hard or too soft

    Theres a big range between hard shells like watermelons and soft, lazy shells like Apple™ shells. Bananas fit right in the soft spot. Banana shells are special because they can’t be eaten but they can be removed faster and quicker than any other fruit out there. Consider a watermelon: Huge shell that you need a butchers knife just to pry open. Now let’s look at a banana: easy to remove, not edible, and you only need your hands to do it. Another good thing about bananas is that they can be dropped from the bag or from a container without squishing everything on the inside. Apples don’t have this because their shell is too thin and bends with the insides, and watermelons shatter if you drop them because they are so fat and unhealthy.

  3. Bananas have an awesome name

    This is an obvious one. What kind of a lame name is “apple?” Did they just name it after apps? Oranges have such an unoriginal name too. Whoever named it only looked at it once and said “ok it is orange we should call it an Orange.” And what is the deal with watermelons? They are just a ripoff of melons, because they are more watery. Bananas have an original and fun to use name because it was named back in the good old days of fruit naming. Nowadays younger people are joining science and young, inexperienced minds are naming the fruits for us. Only the new, bad fruit have this problem; bananas don’t.

  4. Bananas have great form


    Have you ever looked at a banana and found an awesome use for it? Most sane and experienced people can agree that bananas are the pinnacle to fruit evolution. Every other fruit just looks like one big “O,” and those that don’t are generic and shaped after other things like starfruit or square watermelon (ugh, as if watermelon wasn’t already a ripoff). Bananas on the other hand are nice, curvy, and old-fashioned. They make these new fruit look like trash. Every other fruit looks the same, save the banana.

  5. Bananas are soft and easy to eat on the inside.

    Unlike apples which have hard and crunchy insides, bananas are easily chewable for both babies and older folk. A lot of people find chewing to be a nuisance, and its obvious that some fruit like melons can be hard to chew on, while fruit like oranges are too slippery and chewing down once causes them to dissolve completely. Bananas don’t have this problem because their insides are soft and easy to chew on, but don’t destroy themselves easily.

  6. Banana pie is delicious


    A fun tradition to share with your family is the recipe for your “Grandma’s Banana Pie.” Everybody looks forward to it on Thanksgiving and its a throwback to the days when our parents used to make it for us. Most other fruits are used to make what is called a “fruit cake” which is not as cool are banana pie and doesn’t taste as good as the classic. When I go to the Golden Coral on the weekends with my family, we always make sure to get their delicious banana pie; it is a must.

  7. Bananas can be peeled easily

    How many times have you grabbed an orange and decided you want to eat it? Probably a lot, right? Well I bet it’s hard to peel that shell off; every time I try to eat one I spend a good 5 minutes trying to peel off the top before I get someone else to do it for me. Don’t even get me started on watermelons, you need a huge carving knife to do so. And cucumbers have their own special peelings just to get to the insides. Well bananas beat every other fruit in this case: All you have to do is pull the bottom end and peel each side right off. There’s actually a lot of different ways to peel a banana, like breaking it into 2, or using the stem instead of the bottom side of the banana. No other fruit does this because they are all CIRCLES.

  8. Bananas have great comedic valueslip

    Ever since the 20th century, bananas have been super funny. People laugh at the idea of bananas because they have a comedic effect like no other fruit. In video games, cartoons, and movies, people trip and fall on banana peels; no one ever slips on an avocado. No other fruit can be spelt or mispronounced as many times as bananas can. “Hey eating a buh-na-naw?” “No it’s a ba-nah-nah” “A what?” “A buh-nah-nah not a buh-na-naw” “But you just said ba-nah-nah instead of buh-nah-nah?” “No I didn’t?” etc.

  9. Bananas have lots of fiber

    Bananas have a ton of fiber for a fruit. They help to keep the body healthy and help people with weak digestive systems to digest foods and have a healthy gut. Some people can’t eat everyday normal foods because their bodies are old but still working. To all of you people over 55: Eat bananas! It helps to keep the stomach and the gut healthy.

  10. A banana a day keeps the doctor away!male-doctor-eating-banana

    Bananas are great nutrition-wise. Now I know what you’re thinking: But aren’t there more fruits out there that are healthier than the banana? The truth is, no one goes out and buys asparagus because they’re healthy. People are too lazy to buy healthy foods. Instead they just keep buying the same thing as always: bananas. That’s because bananas are actually one of the healthiest superfoods you can buy for cheap and eat. They are one of the few fruits that contain potassium, and they hold enough for an entire day! What is cool is that the banana only has about 105 calories in it, so even for a nice snack it is really healthy.

Well I hoped you enjoyed the top 10 reasons why I prefer bananas over any other fruit out there. I certainly feel like I can rest now that I know more people out there will be eating bananas, because they are the best fruit out there. The most spontaneous and fun food too.

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