Ji Hoo Deserved Better!!!

Boys Over Flowers is a South Korean TV drama that follows the life of Jan Di, a poor working teen who toils at a dry cleaner but later becomes the talk of the city. One day she was delivering clients’ clothes to the richest school in all of South Korea. Only the top 1% wealthiest teenagers are able to attend. Right before she reached her client he was ready to jump off the school building because of the constant bullying he was enduring from “F4.” They are teen boys from the four wealthiest families in the whole school. All the girls want to date them. All the guys wanted to befriend them. Jan Di’s world got turned upside down when two of those members end up battling for her love and affection. Who will she choose? Is he the right choice?

Yoon Ji hoo was the best character in the drama Boys Over Flowers, and he did not deserve to get his heart ripped up. He treated the lead with so much love and care, compared to Gu Jun Pyo which was the guy she chose to marry and spend the rest of her life with. Throughout the show, Jun Pyo would constantly do things that made her cry or hurt her in some way and Ji hoo was always the one there to pick up the pieces of her broken heart.

Although Ji hoo had his own love problems going on, he was still there for her as a friend. Ji hoo was in love with a model whom he had been childhood friends with, but as soon as Jan di came into the picture he started to question if he was really in love with the model. He got to the point of frustration that he decided to leave to Paris with the model because that is where he thought his heart was at. Come to find out a few weeks later he returned because he realized he made the wrong choice. But it was already too late. Although he was Jan di’s first love she somehow fell in love with Jun Pyo while Ji hoo was gone because she thought that he was better off with the model.

Jun Pyo and Ji hoo have been best friends for over 15 years, despite them both being in love with the same girl, their friendship was never broken. There, of course, came a point of jealousy from Jun Pyo because even though Jandi no longer had a crush on Jihoo, causing them to remain as best friends. Ji hoo still loved her and wanted a relationship with her but he respected that she was in love with his best friend. Even to the point of whenever Jan di and Jun Pyo were in a fight, he would try his best to keep them together because all he wanted was to see Jan di smiling and happy. Jun Pyo and Jandi were just annoying characters overall. Jihoo deserved better than being friend-zoned by someone who doesn’t see the angel that he was.

Towards the end of the show Jihoo was struggling to keep his feelings to himself but he controlled it because he did not want to hurt his best friends, although I’m sure if Jun Pyo was in that situation he wouldn’t do the same for Jihoo and that’s why I’m forever annoyed with the outcome of this show. I still lowkey watch it though because of the side couple and for Jihoo. He is a literal Prince who just wanted love, who deserved the world and more!!!! I grew so attached to him as a character because he was so quiet and calm throughout the show. His personality was the best, considering the two main characters were loud and annoying. This drama is over 8 years old and I will never stop talking about how dirty they did Yoon Ji Hoo.

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