An excellent start to the new year 2017

adobestock_59024388 The New Year is a night of closure and renewal, but it opens 365  opportunities for learning and growth. To say it is very easy, but to do  it  is more complex when we are flooded of personal, familiar and  social  questions. Although it is a time of celebration and rejoicing, it  is  unthinkable to think about what we did, what we want to do and of  course, everything we did not do, do you understand? Therefore, the  night and the days before it can become depressive days, full of  anxiety  and existential unease. It’s time to stop and change your  attitude.

Do the balance of good and bad begins One More Year. Maybe you had a very complicated year, full of messes and dead ends, but surely you have endless good things that happened to you. And although there have not been many, think that the only thing that happened to you, you enjoyed it like a thousand. Not everything is white in life, but not black. Did you graduate from the university? Did you get a new job? Buy the house of your dreams?  That’s perfect! Not everyone has those opportunities. Maybe you had the opportunity to visit a friend you had not seen for a long time, or you met a new place that made you smile. Remember, there are things that at first glance seem small but if you remember the emotion that made you feel, they become something very big.

The past, stepped on I remember very well that phrase in the Lion King, which old Rafiki told Simba when he was lost: “The past may hurt, but as I see you can run away from it or learn,” how true! Do not cling to the past, whatever has happened already. Stop thinking about how bad happened to you and learn from it better and focus on what is coming so you do not repeat mistakes. In addition, you must stop worrying about what has already happened, but do not worry about the uncertainty of the future. An Eastern proverb says: If you have a problem that has no solution, why do you care? And if you have a solution, what are you worried about?

Why is self-esteem so important? Because self-esteem is the key to happiness. A high self-esteem brings us closer to the possibility of loving, of knowing ourselves, of reaching goals, dreaming big, eliminating stress.But achieving high, steady self-esteem is not easy. It involves an arduous path of exploration, attempts, blows and discoveries.


Important things you always have to keep in mind this year 2017 can be

1.Silence to your critical voice

2.The approval of others

3.Take care of your body


5.Surrounded by people  

6.Make a list of your achievements

7.Take care of your non-verbal language

8.Make a list of your positive qualities


  • Silence to your critical voice 

The main responsible for low self-esteem is the inner voice with which we tell ourselves negative things. Yes, everyone has a critical negative voice, although some people are more aware than others.

To be self-confident, it is important not to accept these thoughts and replace them with more positive ones and to help you feel better. To do this, try to attend to your thoughts and if you observe any negative, question it.


  • The approval of others

Seeking the approval of others is something that, if we are not aware, we do constantly. Examples: Put on clothes thinking about whether you will like others. Make important decisions based on the opinions of others. Do not say our opinions because we think they do not please others.

Then, when you are going to do anything or make a decision, ask yourself if you are thinking about what others will think, if you are acting to make them feel satisfied with your behavior. One way to work this point is to show up against someone’s opinion. Always assertive and educated.



  • Self-affirmations

Affirmations are a great help in developing your self-esteem: you will simply have to repeat them a few times during the day. Example of self-affirmations?



  • Surrounded by people 

Social support is one of the most important shock absorbers of stress. The people around you serve as emotional support, to give you help, to have fun and to learn. That if they are people with criteria and positive. Negative people will probably lower your self-esteem.


  • Make a list of your achievements

This action is one that works best. Sometimes we think that we can not achieve something or that we do not have the capacity for it.

With a list that reminds you of your past achievements, you will remember that you have the ability to achieve what you set out to do. They do not have to be great achievements like winning a championship.

Put your list in a visible place and read it often. That will make you make positive representations and enter a state that increases your self-esteem.




  • Take care of your non-verbal language 

Both your facial expressions and your body postures. Smiling and laughing will make you feel happier and show expansive postures, with open arms and not cramped, will make you feel with the highest self-esteem.What happens in your body will move to your soul.



  • Make a list of your positive qualities

Be generous and sincere with yourself by making a list of your most remarkable positive qualities. If you do not know where to start, ask a trusted friend. There have to be at least 10 qualities. It is normal if you feel that it is difficult for you to do the list because most people focus on their negative traits and forget the positive ones.


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