Childhood obesity in America.

Every day when I go out to the park I see all sorts of people. There are adults running with their dogs, adults running alone, children walking their moms, homeless people asking for money, and sometimes just picnics or reunions of people. But here in America the one thing besides bald eagles that you are sure to see more of than in any other country, are overweight people.

Obesity is no joke: 18% of all American deaths are now caused by obesity, and 36.5% of the population has obesity or is obese. Of all of these people approximately one fourth of obese people in America are children. That means that 1 out of every 4 obese people in the Greatest Country in the World are children. No scratch that, not children, Children. What the heck is going on in the world??

Well for starters 25% of obese people have become children, which is a big indicator of how bad our health care must be, to have so many children obese at the same time. But the bigger problem that our economy faces is the price and availability of fast, unhealthy food. Did you know that McDonalds sells burgers- which are made of bread, chicken, and veggies, at only a dollar each? Not only is it unhealthy, but it’s cheaper than healthier options like veggies and chicken and bread by themselves.

When I go to a fast food service, I order food to be able to relieve myself after a long day or even week of work, because it is a treat that I don’t need to spend money on. Many people do not see fast food as a treat for themselves, but rather as breakfast, dinner, and sometimes even for supper. That means that many children in America will grow up to be obese because of the poor decisions their parents made for them as children. This is absolutely unacceptable, we should lower the childhood obesity rate from 9%, what it is now, to 0%, what it should be right now. If all of the obese people in our country were to be healthy right now, our childhood obesity rate would be 0%.

The childhood obesity rate in 1980 was around 6.5%. It has gone up a lot. We need to focus our money and efforts into making America healthy again.

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