When does the holiday season begin?

A few weeks ago, not even a day after Halloween, I saw the first christmas ad of the year. I find this especially irritating because out of the 12 months of the year, December, November, and now October people are bombarded with Christmas time ads and products by large corporations and neighbors. Well I say to them this: It’s time to stop!

According to the gregorian calendar, Christmas time starts at christmas eve on December 24th, and ends on January the 5th: the twelfth day of Christmas. But as we all know Christmas time starts a lot sooner than that, with the introduction of christmas sales and products almost immediately after Halloween day ends. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wal-Mart employees were ordered to start decorating for their holiday sales right after taking down their scary halloween ones.

In fact, thats very close to what wal-mart has done: The chain started their layaway program on August 28th of 2015-- 4 months before Christmas! This is a whole new level of greedy, as not even Target®, their main competitor, has started on with the christmas and holiday sales. This will mean a bit hit in the revenue of Target® but it will actually increase Wal-Mart’s despite the fact that the year was just over halfway done at that point.

The gregorian calendar also doesn’t help with the search for Christmas, as it doesn’t even record any special dates between thanksgiving and Christmas eve, with a one month gap between the two holidays. To find more information I went to wikipedia, the most trusted of websites. According to the wikipedia, a free encyclopedia which you can donate to now for the low price of only 3 dollars, starts in late November and ends around early January, but exact dates it does not give out. More sources states that Christmas in New York starts around November 30th, when the Rockefeller tree is lit up for the first time. This makes sense because the tree is where many families and friends come to meet up for Christmas. But is that too early? Some people might think so, because it interferes with their routines to see so many Holiday ads and decorations.

Personally I think that the holiday season does start too early in some places, but I also think that since there is no official start, everyone is bored out of their minds because there is no holiday going on between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so they have nothing left to do but to anticipate that Christmas is coming.

But whatever, Christmas season has already begun. Let’s celebrate.

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