Sexism in the classroom: Can women stand up against men?

For over 3 years now, the physics classes have been tyrannized by men and their oppressive ways. Now, a group of female stragglers that survived high school are forming together to find more female students in order to achieve a common goal: to end the male physics hierarchy.

The girls are going to be coming together as a group seeking out other girls interested in taking physics classes with them. To their surprise, they were not the only girls who were able to survive on their own.

“I found this camp online when I was doing some research about physics and female students. It looks absolutely perfect. About 200 female students from around the state attend the camp.”

Perfect for a revolution. The girls have begun to set up a new base of operations to counter-strike against the boys in physics. With the help of their camp director, the resistance has agreed to launch a large scale operation against the super smart men in physics.

“I do hope many girls apply for the scholarship. I said I would send five students, but I am willing to send more.”

While they may be small for now, in the future they may have dozens of girls in physics classes all over the state. The girls long for this opportunity to be able to have a female majority in physics classrooms. Upon being introduced to this idea, the girls “raved.”

But that isn’t to say the road there will be easy. The girls must overcome the hardships of being undersupplied due to the male overlords. Scholarships have been offered to ensure the success and recruitment of girls, but money can only do so much.

“Research shows that female students often are intimidated by their male peers in science classes.”

It is normal for these girls to fear the men, as they are smart and all powerful when it comes to the physics classroom. Although the road will be tough, it is clear that these women show imperative and desire to get into these physics classes. After all, in the end, these women are going to be the ones to get the scholarships offered to join the physics classes, marking the end to an era of male tyranny.

Trigger warning: This article has been written as satire. Sadly, none of it is real, and should not be taken seriously.

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