Trump: The Aftermath

3a326a4d00000578-3918838-image-a-64_1478692521912Following a surprising victory for the republican nominee, Donald J Trump, Millions of Americans were left in disbelief. This was a completely unexpected win for liberals around the country. The entire nation halted. Trump had won. Millions took to Twitter and Facebook to spread the narrative that we should all be afraid— that Trump is a tyrant who’s goal is to make LGBTQ, Minorities, and women, suffer. The fearmongering was successful. Believing the lies, Democrats feared for their well being. The media only helped spread the fear. A CNN anchor began to cry, mainstream media perpetuated the notion that it was ‘White lash’ that propelled Trump into office, despite the fact that a large majority of Trump voters were minorities. As of the 18th of November, things have calmed down, people are becoming sane, and Twitter has become less of a communications sewer pipe. Nevertheless, this is a response to a president elect, that America should never forget.

Meanwhile Fidel Castro has died. The mainstream media parades this tyrant as a positive influence on the western world, despite his having thrown gays and blacks in gulags, and jailed anyone who favored democracy over his one-party communist system.

Ironically Castro gets less hate than Donald Trump, whose only “crime” was talking in a politically incorrect fashion that offended certain people.


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