Should AP™ and schools give out money for passing AP tests?


That is the answer that all of the students in AP classes will give you. The way it works now is you have to have a score of 3, 4, or 5 on any AP test (the highest score is 5) to get a $100 check from  and the school district. But this is a biased answer, because some people are not in AP courses, and they might have other opinions. And by that I mean opinions that are different from “duh.” Opinions like “no,” or “of course not.”


AP courses are designed to be rigorous and difficult to pass, while also preparing you for the AP exam. Colleges also use the scores that students got on their AP tests to give them advantages like college credit for entire classes. In most cases, students see the $100 check as a bonus for passing the test, but some people look at it as if it was not a reward but rather a motivation for passing the class and getting a 3 or even a 5 (no one wants a 4) on their AP tests. This is what AP intended to do when they began the program, use it as a motivation for students to pass the AP exams.

There are also students in AP classes who think it would be a waste to spend money on students who pass an AP exam. They believe that some AP tests are too easy to pass in the first place, like the Spanish or language tests (68% of students got a 5 on the AP Chinese test last year). Some tests, they believe, are too hard to pass (only 4 people passed the physics AP test last year, must have been geniuses); Who passes the AP physics tests? Eisenteins and Stephen Walkings thats who. Who got 5’s on the APUSH exam? Benjamin Hamiltons and Johnny Carters thats who. People that earn those $100 should get their $100. I, personally, did not get a 5 on the APUSH exam; I never understood why, since I remembered all the important figures correctly.


While most AP courses are tough, some of them are extremely rigorous or demanding of the student, and require more skill than others; some AP tests are too easy, and should not offer $100 rewards for the students who pass them. Because of this, we should base rewards on difficulty of the test and how many students score 5’s, 4’s, and 3’s. That way only the students who studied the hardest and scored highest get rewards.

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