An Independent’s Opinion on the Presidential Campaign

Mud slinging, ad hominem insults, and evasion of important questions during debates; all of these make up the recent presidential campaign.

With Trump belittling women, minorities, and the LGBTQ+ community,  and Hillary’s failed attempt at connecting with the younger population this election is going to be a close one.  Both candidates’ actions have supported the cynisism and skepticism the public has gained towards the government since the Watergate scandal.

At the beginning of the campaign, hope for the country was seen through various candidates like Bernie Sanders and Ben Carson; but of course the public’s thirst for drama only drew society’s eyes towards Trump.

At first it had been sort of amusing, the idea that someone like him could win the campaign and get into the White House. But my hope in the American public was shattered a couple months back when Trump and Hillary had become the only big candidates left – since no one really knows about third party candidates like Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.

With these two candidates left the only question that arises, over and over again is, “who will do the less damage to America?”

The fact that it’s no longer about helping and mainting the United States alive, but it’s more about damage control is a bit sad and frightening.

The fact that the American public would let it get this bad is disheartening and it proves that we need a major positive change.

As an eighteen year old female, who is legally here because of a work visa, and who will soon go out into the real world;  I beg all of you to vote for Hillary.

Its no longer about which party you’re on or about pride, it’s about the future of our country. For those who don’t want to go vote; get out and vote. If you don’t you’ll be giving you’re vote to Trump by default. If I could vote I would, but I can’t so it’s up to everyone to keep Trump out of the White House.

I’m not anti-republican, or anti-democrat,  I’m anti-hate; I’m anti-Trump.



North Mesquite High School, blue prints author. Sophomore and band aficionado.

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