who are we to blame !

brainwashednote to reader : i am so so so sorry if this is a crappy poem , next time hopefully i will write better poems . and this poem is about society being hypocrite and they say one thing but that  do the opposite , i hope you like it :)


                                                                         Who are we to blame

everyone wants to stop hatred and violence

but yet they  are the one who starts violence or is hatful.

who are we to blame

when the needy needs help

and most of society is spending their life  away and it leaves them broken.

everyone talk among each other about who “slay” this or who “slay’ that.

instead we need to focus on the future instead of worry about something irrelevant

our time on earth is limited so spend your time wisely

so don’t waste your time about hearsay

next time do something that you know that it’s going to help you be a better person than you are today.

don’t just

” live at the moment”

think before you do something   delirious .

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