Clinton abruptly departs 9/11 memorial after feeling ‘overheated.’ Is Hillary’s health a matter of debate?

Earlier this week, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was escorted from the 9/11 memorial after “fainting” from a form of pneumonia. Sources say that she was feeling good all morning up until around 9:00 o’clock when she begins to feel the symptoms of exhaustion. At around 9:32 AM she was escorted by her guard out of the memorial site as video evidence shows her being almost dragged away from the site. If you had no idea who Clinton was, it would almost seem like a very organized kidnapping.

Which is exactly what some conspiracy theorists believe.

There are already conspiracies as to what happened to Clinton yesterday during the 9/11 memorial visit, some of which include her being replaced by a body double after collapsing at the site. If conspiracy theorists are to be believed, Hillary Clinton got extremely ill during the visit, and was forced to leave the scene in order to be replaced by a body double. Further evidence of her being sick include her extreme coughing she got earlier this week while giving a speech in New York.
Popular youtube commenters online state that this coughing fit may have even been the devil himself trying to escape. This is ridiculous of course, but no explanations are to be ruled out until Clinton can be properly diagnosed to the public. One of these commenters even states: “Hilary was hospitalized and put on blood thinners for a blood clot in 2012. Coughing attacks are one of the main symptoms, she is at risk for sudden death. Look this up yourself if you don’t believe.”
Whether these allegations are true or not are important matters of debate to be had in this time of need. What we do know is that these stories all do seem to match up with each other, starting with Hillary being hospitalized in 2012, then recently acting up again most notably during the speech given in New York last week, and now this incident with the memorial. The most brutal ending here is the conspiracy theorists that believe that Hillary has died, and was actually replaced entirely by a body double.
Evidence arriving on twitter states that Hillary has changed certain features of her head in just under a day, changes such as the structure of her nose and earlobes. Further evidence suggests that her index finger’s length changed over the course of the day as well.
Many believe that this is a dead giveaway for Hillary’s double, and that Clinton is simply just another conspiracy mystery waiting to be solved. We all wait here patiently for answers.
Do you think Hillary is dead? Has she been replaced? Or has she been a fake all along? Comment down below and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more conspiracy theories.

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