Ms. Marshall Joins Counseling Staff at NMHS

Recently I sat down with our new school counselor Mrs. Marshall to talk about her life.  Before Mrs. Marshall was working as a counselor here at North Mesquite, she was a 7th grade science and 7th and 8th grade Avid teacher at Vanston Middle Ms. Marshall at workschool.  I asked her if she liked being a counselor more than being a teacher and her response was yes, that it’s less stressful and there’s not as much pressure.  She acquired a teaching degree before a counseling degree.

Mrs. Marshall thinks that being a counselor is fun, yet she’s always really busy.  She says that everyday is different.  I asked her what is the hardest and most rewarding part about being a counselor.  Her response was, “The hardest part of being a counselor is that I can’t make all kids lives better, and the most rewarding part is being able to help somebody, and seeing kids be successful.  I wish that I could take every kid home with me”.

Then I asked her some questions about her life.  She attended East Central University in Oklahoma for her Bachelors degree, and attended Texas A&M University of Commerce for her Masters degree.  She is married and has two dogs which she treats like her children.

Aliyah Barnes

Staff Writer, NMHS Blue Prints, ♕

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