Mobility Advice (Licensing Bizznez)

This isn’t like my previous post about marital advice, I swear. This is about driving! It was so confuse at first! HOW!

I was unclear on how the whole process begins and how it works, but lucky for you, I figured it out so you don’t have to!

The first step is to take driver’s ed. You can take it online or in a classroom. You have to be 15 to take it! I took it online since my mom was working and I had to watch my sister while she was gone.

Online ed: So, it costs like 60-100ish of dollars. It comes with JUST the ed part. It’s 32 hours total, but once you complete the legally required amount of 6 hours, you can begin your driving lessons. They site would mail you a certificate of partial completion and you would have to go get your permit at the Department of Public Safety. I’ll discuss that in more detail in a few paragraphs. You can take your sweet time to finish your drivers ed. Jk. You have to finish it within 6 months or else you have to do it all over again. A great thing about it is that you can just do an hour a day or something and finish in a month! You can go at your own pace instead of saturating your brain with the twice-weekly 3 hours meetings that the real life one provides.

Classroom ed: Most of the classroom ones offer a combo of ed and driving. So they go a little higher. You can opt out of buying both at once, but it would be more convenient to do so. Since its the combo, it costs anywhere from 200 to 500 dollars. Also, you can take ed online and then choose a driving school separate from the company you took it from. You still have to take the 6 hours before being eligible for a permit, except that once your class reaches that, you will all be doing some driving AND ed concurrently. Different places have different ways of doing this. Some do 2 hours of ed and then 1 hour of drive or ed during the week and drive at an assigned time since there’s so many students.

Ok, so once you get your 6 hours done, you can go get your permit. Here’s what you need:

-Residency affidavit. Unless you live on your own, you have to fill this out to indicate who you live with.

driving-2 papers of proof of residency. They have to have your parents/guardians name on it and your address. Examples would be bills, mortgage payments, insurance, etc.

-Proof of identity. Bring like 12 of these. Seriously. This would be like a social security card, school ID, birth certificate, etc.

-VOE, aka Verification of Enrollment. Bring your latest report card or something else that indicates you go to school.

-Your certificate of partial completion.

-$16 fee

You bring all of that and then go wait to see a DPS officer. Some places have the option of getting in line online or making an appointment beforehand so you can avoid waiting too long. Be prepared to take a vision test.

They should give you a paper that has your info, picture and maybe fingerprints. You’re issued a restricted class c learners license. This means you can’t drive past certain hours and can’t drive without an adult in the passenger seat. After a while the DPS mails you a little card because paper is hard to keep up with. Now you can begin the driving portion.

Instructor taught: The prices range from 200 to 500 dollars. Wow. I find it hypocritical that they really emphasize the importance on becoming a good driver to decrease traffic deaths but they make the education so unattainable! Everyone would rather learn from their aunt who has 45 tickets than pay that much. Anyway, the required amount is 7 hours of actual driving and 7 hours of observation. is neat because the driver will meet with you pretty much whenever. They’re available from 7 am to 10 pm and have a very high first-time passing rate for the driving test! If you got the little combo with your ed, then the same thing applies but it was a one time purchase deal.

Parent taught: A lot less expensive. You buy a little guide online or by mail and they mail it to your address. Btw, your parents have to have a license in order to teach you. I don’t know why you would want them to, but it’s an option. The required hours remain the same except you have to log them yourself.

Once you finish your hours you can get your license! Jk. You have to hold your learners license for six months and be 16 before you can apply for a license. But once the 6 months pass and you have practiced (with adult supervision) you can go schedule a time to take your driving test. Bring all those aforementioned papers to get your license. Keep in mind that your parents can cancel your license whenever they want until you’re 18.

Additional info:

-Any violations of the learners license restrictions can result in losing your license. Understand that it’s a very important time! If you can’t follow rules then you can potentially put everyone’s life in danger. Driving is all about following rules and the neglect of one can result in the canceling of your LIFE.

-Insurance rates are pretty pricey for teens.

-You can’t drive with more than one person under 21 if you have your license and are under 21.

-Some states allow students to drive to school with a permit. Not here. If it’s a necessity, you can apply for a hardship license.

-You will get your learner’s license/license taken away if you are under 21 and have a Blood Alcohol Content higher than 0.00%. So a single drop is too much. You will also have to pay some fines, do some community service and depending on severity or the amount of times you get caught, jail time.

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