It’s Not Impossible: How AVID is Preparing Me for College

Living in a household where no one has made it through high school, much less college, can make it tough to find the motivation one needs to be someone in life. Being in AVID can help you both motivation and financial wise.

AVID is also great on keeping us organized. I’m literally the worst at keeping all my things together but since we have binder checks I was forced into the organized lifestyle. I used to just shove everything in my backpack but since being in AVID I got out of the habit and began putting all my work in the right sections of my binder.

I personally lack a ton of motivation. The only hope that I have to getting into the college of my dreams is AVID.  It does get annoying at a point, constantly having to do tutorials or binder checks but it ends up helping you in the long run. There are two tutorials every week and we have them to get our question that we have from our other core classes and if our question is urgent we can get it solved with the help of tutors and other peers.

Another pro of being in AVID is the annually visits to different colleges we have. We have the opportunity to see how real life college students live their life. It’s also a good way to miss a day of school.

Since note taking is an important factor in college, AVID molds us to be good note taking students by forcing us to do cornell notes for everything even if it’s irrelevant and unimportant. We take enough notes to be classified as experts for when our first day of college arrives. The main purpose of AVID is to prepare us for college by providing us with all the essential information we need.

In conclusion AVID is a privilege that not many students get so if you get chosen for it you should take advantage of the opportunity and not slack like I’ve been trying not to do for the past 5 years.



Written by Stephanie Villagran, future Blueprints News Writer.

Charles Coursey

Teacher/Advisor, NMHS Blue Prints Newspaper and Trailblazer Yearbook

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